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Nice to Meet You! はじめまして!

About me - 

I started studying Japanese some 25 years ago at the University of Queensland, with the simple aim of deciphering Kanji. A straight math-science student at high school, I chose to study languages as a challenge to myself, to step out of my comfort zone - a decision that changed my life completely! Fast-forward 25 years, I have taught, translated, studied and raised a family in Japan. Linguist at Work is the culmination of my experience, I teach, translate and research for clients on a daily basis. If you have a linguistic, translation or Japan-related query, give me a call, and I will do my best to help you.

Michelle Komura

The Linguist at Work process:

(1) Initial Consult -

Free, no-obligation consult to discuss your needs and identify how I can help you.

(2) Contract -

Client contract is created outlining the scope of the project / term for language lessons.

(3) Project Completion -

Final consult to confirm the project has been completed to your satisfaction.  

Why choose

Linguist at Work?

  • 15 years in-country experience, living, working and studying in Japan
  • Fluent bilingual with sound academic credentials in Psychology, Education, Linguistics, Translation, and Media Studies
  • Free, no-obligation, initial consult to determine your needs
  • Competitive rates, high quality product
  • Personalized service, which only a small business can provide
  • Member of AUSIT, JALT, JAT
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